Hello Everyone today we decided to participate in the Hiv/Aids awareness bathroom selfie. I for one truly believe we need a cure for this tragic disease that has been stigmatized and stereotyped to death. It isn’t a gay disease or an african disease either. Anyone can get it! And just because someone has Hiv doesn’t mean they are dying it is treatable it just isn’t curable….yet. Aids in fact is reversible with proper medication a person who is diagnosed with Aids can reverse it to where it is considered hiv. The difference between the two btw is a specific cell count. An average uninfected persons cell count for this specific cell ranges from 1000-1200. A person with Hiv on average is between 1000-201. Anything below 200 is considered Aids. The cell count doctors do is based off your overall immune systems health.

So heres to Hiv/Aids awareness and shedding our clothes to hopefully shed some stigma off a disease that is often misunderstood do to ignorance and lack of knowledge.


Credits On Nile:

Skin: Clef De Peau – GuyBrown Tone 4 (NEW: @TMD)

Hair: Damselfly – Jude Dark Browns (NEW: @TMD)

Earrings: Vexiin – Diamond Studs

Tattoo: SwaggedOut – Balance & Dignity Faded (NEW: @Victims Of Ink)


Credits On Macie:

Skin: Glam Affair– Romy (America)

Eyes: Song–Yuki (Pale Green)

Eyelashes: Mon Cherie – Falsies

Hair: Pr!tty – Ariana (Ombre 4) – (NEW @Chapter 4)

Bathroom Set: Bazar – Toronto Bathroom

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