The Morning Brooder

Well seeing as I am a night owl here I am leaning up against my house brooding. I am usually rather grumpy in the mornings and I haven’t had coffee so I’d say I am pretty grumpy today! But hey it’s all good cause I snagged some cute items and decided to blog them. I will admit I never thought I’d give up my old skin but I love Clef De Pleau so I am still wearing the skin from TMD. I also know it’s cold out so when I saw the new MINA hair I went to Winter Trend and snagged it. And as any good shopper does I trolled the entire event looking for good finds and I found a few things. One being this new peat coat from Scars the store I mentioned Yesterday. Love it so much and it goes great with my Redgrave sweat pants! I also snagged up some shoes from another store I hadn’t been to yet Shoeminati. This is why I am big on shopping events cause it helps me find new clothes and what not!



Hair: MINA – Alex Dark Browns (NEW: @Winter Trend)

Skin: Clef De Peau – Guy Tone 4 Brown (NEW: @TMD)

Shirt: Scars – Peat Coat & Sweater Grey (NEW: @Winter Trend)

Pants: Redgrave – Jogging Pants Light Grey Male

Shoes: Shoeminati – GameWorld Platinum (NEW: @Winter Trend)

Pose: Dyer Maker – The Wall Male Poses (@Winter Trend)

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