Heaven isn’t too far away…closer to it everyday

Sometimes I like to go sim hopping and find neat sims to explore. One I rather enjoy is Xin the area around the store is fun and nifty at least I think. Plus I didn’t wanna take another full on snow pic lol. But I of course had to wear some kick ass snow gear anyways. Tis winter after all! I rarely go anywhere without Damselfly hair on let’s be honest other then when I find those occasional finds. Then to go with it I put on my Scars winter vest from TMD love it! And I found a wonderful pair of Jeans from Dolome Designs! and finished the outfit with 2real shoes. The end product is quite nice I think…




Earrings: Vexiin -Diamond Studs


Shape: Custom

Skin: Clef De Peau – Guy Tone 4


Jacket/Sweater: Scars – Down Vest Set (NEW: @TMD)

Pants: Dolome Designs – Classic Jeans Grey

Shoes: 2Real – Low Cuttlerz (@TMD)


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