Get On Your knees Say pretty Please…

Well I hope you enjoy this guest blogger I have with me. I sometimes find things like this pose and am like damn I wanna take that picture. So everyone meet my dear friend Britney. She happily volunteered and it was a great laugh all at the same time. This I clearly did at my house no sense in doing it in public. Also on a side note the purpose was to blog the pose and a new tattoo from FROST. Hope you all enjoy it! Also if nudity bothers I suggest you skip the second picture!


Credits On Britney:

Skin: Hush – Sade

Shape: Slink – Physique

Hair: Burley – Diana

Bra/Panties: WeArH0uSE – [mixology] Black

Credits On Nile:

Skin: Clef De Peau – Guy Tone 4

Hair: Damselfly – Christian

Tattoo: Speakeasy – Prick-N-Poke (NEW: @FROST)

Boxers: SWaGGa – Boxer Briefs

Pose: Vetrovian Poses – Shady Step by Step

Imagine removed sorry for your inconvenienceĀ 


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