Just put your lips together and blow

Well hello again friends of mine! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! And I am back again with some fun new stuff! I have stuff from N21, Trend3, and Project Limited. Hope you all enjoy and that your Tuesday is as fabulous as it can be!




Body: TheMeshProject – Deluxe

Skin: Clef De Peau – Chad

(NEW) Hair: Damselfly – Cameron {N21}


(NEW) Glasses: Reckless – Fett Bans {N21}

(NEW) Necklace: Lvl93 – Vintage 93Rue Cambon Necklace {Kustom 9}

Earrings: Vexiin – Diamond Studs

(NEW) Tattoo: Reckless – Consciousness {N21}


(NEW) Pants: SEUL GARCON – Shi Joggers {Trend3}

Shoes: Kenvie – Lebrons {Project Limited}

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