Habibi (I need your love)

Well hello my internet friends! I hope you are having a fabulous friday! For those of you hard at work don’t work to hard! I thought it was appropriate today seeing as I got shoes from uber to use a title that promotes Love on an international level. We are all human no matter the shape, size, or culture we come from.

The sim I used today was Salt Water. It’s a gorgeous beach sim! I felt very relaxed being there will probably be returning in the future. The stuff I am blogging is from Uber and Mens Only.




Body: TheMeshProject – Deluxe

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Echo

Hair: Monso – Robin

Eyes: {Dead Apple} – Marble Eyes Electric


(NEW) Tattoo – Reckless – Haze {@ Uber}


(NEW) Tank: Bad Unicorn Clothing – Vert Vest {@ Mens Only}

(NEW) Shorts: [Hypnotik] – Mesh short slouch {@ Mens Only}

(NEW) Shoes: FLite – KHAN Sandals {@ Uber}

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