I guess that you had to leave a tattoo to remind me….

Well hello my internet darlings! I hope you had a marvelous weekend and I am sure we are all embracing our Monday blues! Today I am bringing you some more newness for you to enjoy! The stuff is from TMD and Boys of Summer. I hope you enjoy it!

The sim I took the picture at is called The Trace Too. It’s a cute beach sim I found on flickr. Beach sims are by far my favorite places to do pictures in sl. They are so beautiful and peaceful!




Body: TheMeshProject – Deluxe

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Echo {Freckles}

Eyes: IKON – Odyssey Eyes Midnight {@ TMD}

(NEW) Hair: Tableau Vivant – Jeremiah Hair {@ TMD}

Ears: Aitui – Gen 4 stretched ears


(NEW) Bag: CLAVv – Scarved fringe bag white {@ TMD}

(NEW) Tattoo: Dappa – The Damned {@ Boys of Summer}


(NEW) Shorts: ::LikeA:: – Rolled up denim {@ TMD}


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