Holding on just for the weekend….

Hello and good afternoon my darling internet addicts! I hope you are having a great Thursday. Today I am bringing you more newness from Boys of Summer! I hope you like it 🙂

The sim I used for this photo is called The Hood. it’s an urban city sim tho is semi under construction at the current moment.




Body: TheMeshProject – Deluxe

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Echo {Freckles}

Eyes: IKON – Odyssey Eyes {Midnight} {{@ TMD}}

(NEW) Hair: Damselfly – Hitch {@ Boys of Summer}

Ears: Aitui – Gen 4 stretched ears


(NEW) Necklace: Etham – Hollow Cross Necklace {@ Boys of Summer}

(NEW) Tattoo: Reckless – Mynx {Main photo & Top Bubble} {{@ Boys of Summer}}

(NEW) Tattoo: Kade {Middle Bubble} {{@ Boys of Summer}

(NEW) Tattoo: Nixon {Bottom Bubble} {{@ Boys of Summer}


(NEW) Shirt: Urban Wealth – Striped Floral U-Neck Tee {@ Boys of Summer}

(NEW) Pants: Modulus – Zenbi Pants {@ Boys of Summer}


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