Our bodies touching, I just can’t get enough, I wanna love you


Well hello there my fellow internet addicts! I hope you are all looking forward to friday and your weekend! Going thru my blog I decided to do a somewhat throwback post from when I first started blogging with the cock in a sock. So here is Cock in a sock 2.0 with my boo of course.

Items in the post are from TMD and Gen-Neutral



Hair: Burley – Joe

Tattoo: *bolson – Fahrenheit Tattoo {NEW @ TMD}

Underwear: DUFAUX – TMP Brief {Black & white}

Sock: [VALE KOER] – Thermal Socks


Body: TheMeshProject

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Echo

Hair: [monso] – Soul {NEW @ TMD}

Eyes: {Dead Apples} – Nebula Sky

Ears: Aitui – Gen 4 Stretched Ears

Facial Hair: Unorthodox – Blitz #4


Tattoo: Dappa – 1989 {NEW @ Gen-Neutral}

Cock Sock: ieQED – Lit wreath cock sock {NEW @ TMD}


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