In the morning light

Hi lovelies!  I wanted to do something different than I normally do so today I’m bringing you an all decor post!  It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for awhile, and finally built up the courage to do it.  I had a lot of fun doing it, so expect more posts like this in the future.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  Happy Shopping!



Decor Left Photo:

Couch: Glam Affair – Couch RARE {NEW @Epiphany}

Chair: Brocante – Linen Chair & Pillow {White}{NEW @LTD}

Pouf: Glam Affair – Pouf Pattern {NEW @Epiphany}

Rug: Glam Affair – Carpet {NEW @Epiphany}

Cat: Birdy – Shabby Cats {Hug-a-bear}{NEW @Epiphany}

Coffee Table: Lisp – Charlie Coffee Table

Basket: Glam Affair – Rattan Basket {NEW @Epiphany}

Fireplace: Aria & The Loft – Ambrose Fireplace

Twigs: Zerkalo – Beauty In the ordinary {Candles on a branch}{NEW @Epiphany}

Ladder: Apt B – LTD Gacha Ladder {NEW @LTD}

Console Table: Tarte – Half Moon Table {Distressed}{NEW @LTD}

Items on Console Table

Catch-all: Second Spaces – Cluttered House {Living room catchall}{Previous Arcade Item}

Second Spaces – snow day books {messy}

Items on Coffee Table

Zaara – Goa party {Trance CDs}{Past Arcade Item}

Sari Sari – Cabin Winter Home {Cup of Coffee}{NEW @Epiphany}

Half Deer – Macaroon Dream Buffet Cake Stand {Flowers}{NEW @Epiphany}

Half Deer – Macaroon Dream Buffet {Rainbow Macaroon Tower}{NEW @Epiphany}

Half Deer – Macaroon Dream Buffet {Group of Macaroons}{NEW @Epiphany}

Half Deer – Macaroon Dream Buffet {Macaroon Box}{NEW @Epiphany}

Keke – Lemonade Open {Orange & Raspberry}

Keke – Lemonade Closed {Lemon & Peppermint}

Items on Fireplace

Keke – Snow Jar {Glitter}

Keke – Winter Bottle {Snowberry, Elderberry, Snow hazel}

Dust Bunny – White Rose Vase {Old gacha item}

Wall Decor

Floorplan – Wonderfvll Frame

Apt B – LTD Gacha Flowers {NEW @LTD}

Glam Affair Home – Essential Clock

Tarte – World Map Light {Rare}{Past Arcade Item}

Decor Photo 2:

Shell Chair: Fetch – Sea Queen Chair

Mermaid Chair: Cheeky Pea – Striped Mermaid Chair

Desk: Tarte – Writing Desk {RARE}

Chair: Tarte{Desk Chair}

Rug: Luas – Nordic Carpet {NEW @Epiphany}

Table: Floorplan – Tea Table

Statue: Glam Affair – Animal Statue {NEW @Epiphany}

Powerstrip: Second Spaces – Geeky Powerstrip

Items on Desk:

Tres Blah – Hodgepodge {Agenda}{RARE}{Past Arcade}

The Loft & Aria – Riley Media Laptop {New @Uber}

Zerkalo -Beauty in the ordinary {Lamp}{RARE}{NEW @Epiphany}

Tarte – Jar Plant

Items on Table:

Fetch – Sea Queen Trident & Sea Queen Vase

Items on Rug:

Erratic – Magazine & News {Past Arcade Item}

The Loft – Checkers

Second Spaces – Craft Room {Stamp Collection}{Past Arcade Item}

Tres Blah – Hodgepodge Paper Pile {Past Arcade Item}

Curtains: The Loft – Ikat Yellow Drape {These were used in both photos}

Wall Decor

Tarte – Clipboard Art {NEW @TLC}

Building: Scarlet Creative – Anya House {NEW @Collabor88}


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