My dreams are never quite as they seem

Hi lovelies!  Today I wanted to bring you a decor only post!  I had a lot of fun doing this one and it features quite a few items from both Fameshed and the Gacha Garden!  If you’d like to see the high quality photo, please be sure to check out my Flickr!

I hope you enjoy & happy shopping!




Night Stand: YS&YS – European Taste {Drawers 01}{NEW @Gacha Garden}

Lamp: Mudhoney – Meredith Lamp

Candle: Mudhoney – Amy Candle

Flowers: Floorplan – Sassy Daisy Vase {Multi}

Bed: Stockholm&Lima – First Crush Canopy Bed {NEW @Famsehed}

Pillows: Stockholm&Lima – First Crush Pillows {NEW @Fameshed}

Rug: Bazar – Stockholm Bedroom Rug

Wire Art: Floorplan – Neon Why aren’t we having sex yet

Chair: Stockholm&Lima – The Wingback Chair {NEW @Fameshed}

Daybed: Ukindness – Canvas Paper Day Bed {GA}{NEW @Fameshed}

Palm Tree: Kalopsia – Tainted Palm {Blue, RARE}{NEW @Gacha Garden}

Coffee Table: Mudhoney – Eva Coffee Table

Books: Mudhoney – Fashion books & Mustache Books

Candlesticks: Mudhoney – Amy Candlesticks

Bottles: Keke – Summer Bottle {Breeze, Shade}

Water Mister: Keke – Water Mister {Magnolia}

Rug: Kaleidoscope – Diva Rug {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Canvas Art: YS&YS – European Taste {Canvas Art 01}{NEW @Gacha Garden}

Hustle Frame: Floorplan – Hustle Print

Dressform: Zerkalo – True Love {Large Mannequin, RARE}{NEW @Gacha Garden}

Divider: Pillows – Winter Princess Divider {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Chandelier: Pixel Mode – Tea Light Chandelier {NEW @Fameshed}

Scroll: Floorplan – Arrow Scroll

Postcards: Floorplan – Postcard Collection {French}

Comet Photo: Floorplan – A comet in the night print

Build: Junk – Ziggy’s Retreat {NEW @Fameshed}


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