All the world is waiting for the sun

Hi lovelies!  Today I wanted to bring you a decor post featuring the super cute new items by Cosmic Dust that are at the current round of the Kawaii Project!  The iMax computer has 3 texture change options!  And the set has an ultra rare where you get all the items with copy permissions to decorate with as you please!  I’m pretty sure it’s easily one of my favorite office decor sets on the grid! Be sure to stop down to Kawaii Project and check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

All the world is waiting for the sun



Couch: Glam Affair – Sofa {RARE}{NEW @Kustom 9}

Chair: Glam Affair – Design Chair {Pattern, RARE}{NEW @Kustom 9}

Coffee Table: Fiasco – Tiffany Dark Coffee Table

Bench: The Loft – Alex Bedroom Bench {Ikat Beige}

Scrabble Game: Apple Fall – Let’s Play Scrabble

Scrabble tiles & mugs: Ionic – Spring Coffee

Chips: Cosmic Dust – Uncle Max’s Potato Crisps {NEW @Kawaii Project}

Post its: Cosmic Dust – Sticky Notes {NEW @Kawaii Project}

Polaroids: Cosmic Dust – Polaroids {NEW @Kawaii Project}

Newspaper: Cosmic Dust – Newspaper {NEW @Kawaii Project}

Magazines: Tres Blah – Stacked Magazines {Past Arcade}

Papers: Tres Blah – Paper Pile {Past Arcade}

Rugs: Glam Affair – Carpet {NEW @Kustom 9}

Curtain: Mudhoney – Saffron Rug {Red}

Framed Photo: Floorplan – Merde Print {NEW @Kustom 9}

Bulletin Board: Cosmic Dust – Bulletin Board {RARE}{NEW @Kawaii Project}

Clock: Glam Affair – Clock {NEW @Kustom 9}

Desk: Cheeky Pea – Chalky Paint Table {Blue}{NEW @Kustom 9}

Computer: Comsic Dust – The iMax Computer {RARE}{NEW @Kawaii Project}

Coffee Cup: Cosmic Dust – Cup o’ Joe {NEW @Kawaii Project}

Sketchbooks: Cosmic Dust – Sketchbooks {NEW @Kawaii Project}

Agenda: Tres Blah – Agenda {RARE}{Past Arcade}

Catch All: Tres Blah – Catch All {Past Arcade}

Lamps: Floorplan- Hanging Diamond Light {NEW @Collabor88}


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