You don’t gotta go to work let my body do the work

You don't gotta go to work let my body do the work

Hello my lovely internet folk! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have so many lovely things to show you for this one I hope you guys like it! Also happy Monday! I know mondays suck but we just gotta make the best of it every week.

Items from The Season Story, The Epiphany, 50 Shades of Lust, Mens Only Monthly, Love To Decorate, Shiny Shabby

Body: TheMeshProject ā€“ Deluxe

Skin: Tableau Vivant ā€“ Echo

Hair: Modulus – Marcin Hair {NEW @ Shiny Shabby}

Pants: Ascend – Brad Wrap Pants {NEW @ Mens Only Monthly}

Pose: Dark Magic Poses – Push Me {NEW @ 50 Shades of Lust}

Jacket (On Mannequin): CLAVv – Napoleon Jacket {RARE} {NEW @ The Season Story}

Bed: PewPew – Natural Plank Bed {NEW @ Love To Decorate}

CLAVv: Eccentric Tailor Gacha {NEW @ The Epiphany}

Big Cloth Display {Common}

Pile of Cloths {Common}

Mannequin {Common

Sewing Machine without Cloth {RARE}

Desk {RARE}


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