The baby makin room

The baby makin room

Hello my lovely internet addicts! I as so many of you am addicted to shopping. One really big addiction of mine is furniture! When I went to XV and Ultra I got so excited I had to redo max and I’s bedroom. So enjoy your sneak peek into where we slumber!

Items from 6 Republic, XV, and Ultra

(From left to right)

CLAVv: Recycled Vinyls Gach {NEW @ 6 Republic}

Recycled Vinyl Chair dark type A {Common}

Wall Clock Yellow {Common}

Vinyl Table Dark {RARE}

Scattered Vinyls {Common}

Lamp: hive – Hanging Bucket Lamp Teal {NEW @ XV}

Frame 1: hive – Love you like the sea {NEW @ XV}

Couch: Soy. – Pure Cotton Couch {NEW @ XV}

Frame 2: Soy. – Drip Drop {NEW @ XV}

Bed: Stockholm & Lima – Elemental Bed {NEW @ Ultra}

World Map: No. 13 – Wall Decor World Map Gold {NEW @ XV}

Rug: ~BAZAR~ – Stockholm bedroom rug


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