Cause when I’m in those arms of yours I’m so gone

Cause when I'm in those arms of yours I'm so gone

Hello lovely internet addicts! Sorry for my brief absence I am addicted to Pokemon Go. Pretty sure I may need rehab for it! I hope all is well for all of you lovely people! Also shout out to my wonderful boyfriend for allowing me to steal his pixels!

Items from The Expo, The Season Story, Suicide Dollz, TMD, Mens Only Monthly

Look 1:

Hair: [monso] – Tommen {NEW @ TMD}

Shirt: [Pumpkin] – Everyday Attire {NEW @ TMD}

Pants: [Pumpkin] – Everyday Attire {NEW @ TMD}

Look 2:

Body: [Signature] – Gianni

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Echo

Ears: Aitui – Gen 4 Stretched Ears

Hair: [Bade] – Bryce II {NEW @ The Season Story}

Shirt: F.A.T – Kyle Fur Neck Shirt {NEW @ TMD}

Pants: F.A.T – Katsuo Pants {NEW @ Mens Only Monthly}

Tattoo: Dappa – Harmonize {NEW @ Suicide Dollz}

Pose: Come Soon Poses – One (Full Scene) {NEW @ The Expo}

Decor Items: CLAVv – Geek Girls Room Gacha Set {NEW @ The Season Story}

Boxed Vinyls (Common) Bottom Left

Computer Set (Rare) Top Right

Floral Record Player (Common) Top Left

Stack of Comic books 1 & 2 (Common) Bottom Right


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