Take it easy on my heart

Hi lovelies!  Fiasco has created this amazing bathroom set for the Gacha Garden and I just had to show you!  It’s called the Queen’s Bathroom and is perfect for all us girls out there who know we deserve the best of the best.  The bathtub (not pictured) and the shower both have single and couples animations included!  And the 3 signs on the wall are the gift for this round!

Make sure you stop down and check it out!

Take it easy on my heart


What I’m Wearing:


Head: Catwa – Catya{Bento Enabled}

Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll {Crystal}

Hair: Blues – Lexi {Naturals 3}


Panties: Miss Chelsea – Gena Lingerie {Hearts}{NEW @Fameshed}

Pose: Infiniti – Time Out


Toilet: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Queen’s Gold Toilet {RARE}{NEW @Gacha Garden}

Sink: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Queen’s Sink {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Adjustable Mirror: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Queen’s Adjustable Mirror {NEW@Gacha Garden}

Mirror: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Queen’s Mirror {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Wall Art: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Bathroom Sign Shit, Bathroom Sign Toilet Paper Gone, Bathroom Sign Wipe {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Bench: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Queen’s Bench {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Shower: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Queen’s Shower {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Towels: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Queen’s Towels {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Toilet Paper Holder: Fiasco Queens Bathroom – Queen’s Toilet Paper Holder {NEW @Gacha Garden}

Blow Dryer: Floorplan – Wireless Blow Dryer {Old Gacha}

Curling Iron: Half Deer – Cutie Curling Iron

Rug: Keke – Rug 43 {Oriental Saffron}{NEW}

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