Ugh, As If

Hi lovelies!  Today I’m bringing you an outfit inspired by one of my all time favorite 90’s movies: Clueless.  This is still one of my all time favorite movies and when I saw that Maddict made an outfit inspired by it I knew I had to put something together.  The top, skirt, and socks are all sold separately but there are so many colors to choose from allowing you to mix and match!

I’m also in love with this new bedroom set by Cheeky Pea!  It’s even modeled after waterbeds which were hugely popular back in the 90’s. At least the SL versions aren’t super hard to get out of.

Make sure you stop down to 90’s rewind and check out these awesome items!

Ugh, As If


What I’m Wearing:


Head: Catwa – Catya{Bento Enabled}

Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll {Crystal}

Hair: Besom – Bratty Baby {Blondes}{NEW @90’s Rewind}


Pen: Sayo – Puffy Pencil {Pink}{Part of the We ❤ the 90’s Gacha}

Socks: Maddict – Cher Socks {White}{NEW @90’s Rewind}


Top: Maddict – Cher Shirt {Yellow Plaid}{NEW @90’s Rewind}

Skirt: Maddict – Cher Skirt {Yellow Plaid}{NEW @90’s Rewind}

Shoes: – Elsie Janes {Coal}{NEW @Kustom 9}

Pose: Infiniti – Cold Feet


Bed: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Water Bed {NEW @90’s Rewind}

Table: Floorplan – Farmhouse Counter {NEW @90’s Rewind}

Lava Lamp: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Lava Lamp {NEW @90’s Rewind}

Cassette Caddy: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Cassette Caddy {NEW @90’s Rewind}

Television: Half Deer – Cutievision {Snow Kitty}{NEW @90’s Rewind}

Furby: Curemore – Foolby {Teal}{NEW @90’s Rewind}

Ice Cream Cup: Curemore – Ice Cream Cup {Rose}{NEW @90’s Rewind}

Wall Art:

Sayo – Rollin’ With The Homies {Part of the We ❤ the 90’s Gacha}

Sayo – Ugh As If {Gold} {Part of the We ❤ the 90’s Gacha}

Can’t Even – Lolli {NEW @90’s Rewind}

Can’t Even – Doe Foot {NEW @90’s Rewind}

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