Girls Night Out

Hi lovelies!  Today I wanted to bring you some amazing goodies from Collabor88, Arcade, Whore Couture Fair, Skin Fair and Kawaii Project!  There’s so much to see so make sure you check it out!

Happy Shopping!

 Girls Night Out


What I’m Wearing:


Head: Catwa – Catya{Bento Enabled}

Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll {Crystal}

Hair: Olive – The Presley Hair {RARE}{NEW @Arcade}


Tattoo: Dappa – Imagine {NEW @Skin Fair}

Hair Curler: Olive – The Presley Hair Curler {RARE}{NEW @Arcade}

Scrunchie: Olive – The Presley Hair Scrunchie {Pastel}{NEW @Arcade}


Lingerie: Candydoll – Karina Lingerie {Rose}{NEW @Whore Couture Fair}


Items on Vanity:

Half Deer – Porcelain Unicorn Figurine {Cutie Loot March 2017}

Tres Blah – Jolie Makeup Bag {RARE}

Olive – The Presley Hair Crimper {NEW @Arcade}

Olive – The Presley Hair Pin Box{NEW @Arcade}

Olive – The Presley Hair Gel{NEW @Arcade}

Olive – The Presley Hairspray{NEW @Arcade}

The Horror! – Unicorn Brushes{NEW @Arcade}

Bed: Kalopsia – Faith’s Bed {NEW @Collabor88}

Items on bed:

Half Deer – Draped Lights {NEW @Collabor88}

Half Deer – First Class Kitty {High Tech Yarn}{NEW @Arcade}

Rug: Kalopsia – Faith’s Rug {NEW @Collabor88}

Star of Love: Fiasco – Star of Love {White}{NEW @Kawaii Project}


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