Don’t be afraid of alone, you’ll get it done on your own

Don't be afraid of alone, you'll get it done on your own

Hi lovely internet addicts! I hope you all are ready for friday! Drink responsibly people okay? I am glad I have a month off of school so I need to bring you all the tings!

New items from The Signature Event, Kinky Monthly, The Epiphany, The Dark Style Fair, and N21

Head: Catwa – Daniel

Mesh Body: Signature – Gianni

Skin: Stray Dog – Zack {NEW @ Kinky Monthly}

Hair: Lock&Tuft – Wild {NEW @ N21} (Variety UNCOMMON)

Ears: Swallow – Gauged Ears

Necklace: Tableau Vivant – Urban Warrior Necklace {NEW @ The Signature Event}

Underwear: Mind Carlberg – b&t Briefs {NEW @ The Signature Event}

Tattoo: Speakeasy – Reaper Tattoo {NEW @ The Signature Event}

Pose: Come Soon Poses – Dreams {NEW @ The Dark Style Fair}

Gacha Items: CLAVv – Post Apocalypse Set {NEW @ The Epiphany}

Sign Chair No Trespassing {Common}

Boat Bed {RARE}


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