In my natural element

In my natural element

Hello lovely internet addicts! I hope you all are well and excited for the week to come to an end soon! I have brought you new things so hope you enjoy!

New items from The Chapter 4, ROMP, TMD, & 6th Republic

Head: Catwa – Daniel

Mesh Body: Signature – Gianni

Skin: Stray Dog – Gabe

Hair: Lock&Tuft – Ruined {NEW @ ROMP}

Ears: Swallow – Gauged Ears

Shirt: EXMACHINA – Sexy Tank {NEW @ The Chapter 4}

Pants: Parker – Blake Jeans {NEW @ TMD}

Tattoo: Dappa – Blues {NEW @ The Chapter 4}

Cockring (In Mouth): THIRST – Pup Cockring {NEW @ ROMP}

Other Items:

Strip Pole: 22769 – Pole Dance Bench {NEW @ ROMP}

ArmChair: 22769 – Black Chesterfield Armchair {NEW @ ROMP}

Gacha Set: Tabeau Vivant – Weekend In London {NEW @ 6th Republic}

Night Skybox {RARE}

Black Lamp {Common}

Side Table {Common}

Our Breakfast {Common}

Wall Frame {Common}

White Bed {Common}


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