Life’s about to get good

Life's about to get good

So my lovely internet addicts I decided to bring you two looks cause I just couldn’t decide which outfit to blog first. Plus the lighting in both matched perfectly. I hope you enjoy and I hope you all had a great weekend.

New items from TMD, Second Pride, Lootbox, Men Only Monthly, and Man Cave


Head: Catwa – Daniel

Body: Belleza – Jake Body

Skin: Stray Dog – Gabe

Ears: Swallow – Gauged Ears

Tattoo: Speakeasy – Capricorn {NEW @ Lootbox}

Bed: PewPew! – Treebranch Bed {NEW @ TMD}

Left Photo:

Shape: REACH – Peter {NEW @ Men Only Monthly} (For Dave by Bay Harbor)

Hair: Drot & C.A.M.O. – Fishermans Beanie {NEW @ TMD}

Top/Choker:  Mossu – Violent Top {NEW @ Man Cave}

Underwear: [SM]art – Electric Briefs {NEW @ Second Pride}

Knee Pads: [SM]art – Belleza Knee pads

Right Photo:

Hair: Dura – b&g 78 {NEW @ TMD}

Vest: ExalteD – Vest {NEW @ Men Only Monthly}

Pants: Deadwool X Blueberry – Broberry Jeans {NEW @ Both Mainstores}




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