Big hair. Big Dreams.

Hi lovelies!  Rewind is back and taking us back to the 80’s, complete with big hair, colorful prints, and lots of vibrancy!  I wanted to show you the new hair by Olive that you can find at this 80’s themed round.  It’s definitely a ‘big’ hair style that was popular back in those days, but works just as well for current times too!  There are two different versions included depending on which way you want the hair to be flipped.

Miss Chelsea has created this adorable top and skirt with leggings in multiple vibrant colors and patterns to choose from to help embrace your inner 80’s child!  And to match it I added the adorable fannypack and boombox from Cosmic Dust!  The boombox even plays music that can be toggled on and off!

Make sure you stop down and check it out.  Happy Shopping!

Big hair. Big Dreams


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